Warehouse Space

Our facilities are strategically located in the east region of Pune, covering areas like Wagholi, Katkewadi, Ranjangaon and Shirur. Present in the Warehousing hub of the city, our godowns are connected to major highways and have close proximity to industries and major markets. This makes distribution activities easier and cost-effective for our client companies. Our ideal locations and easy accessibility help companies meet their warehousing & logistics needs effectively.

RCC Warehouses

We offer RCC warehouses in various sizes. These godowns are ideal for pharmaceutical companies, FMCG products, carrying and forwarding activities, temperature controlled storage, etc.

PEB / Industrial Warehouses

We provide PEB warehouses and industrial sheds which are ideal for manufacturing companies, 3PL activities, transport & logistics companies and other storage needs requiring good height. Multiple storage options with different sizes are available.

Built-To-Suit Warehouses

We customise and build a warehouse as per your requirement. Our Built-To-Suit options are located in prime areas. We believe in creating long-term partnerships with our clients and deliver state-of-the-art facilities, specific to their needs.

Cold Storage

We have ideal warehouse space to set up your cold storage facility. We can develop state-of-the-art temperature controlled cold rooms, as per your requirement. Our surroundings and premises are extremely clean and hygienic, making them most suitable for refrigerated storage.

Our cold room service is ideal for :

1. Agro products
2. Dairy products
3. Frozen fruits & vegetables
4. Perishable foods and nutrient products
5. Flowers and plants
6. Biopharmaceutical products , etc.

Having close proximity to major markets and easily accessible transport routes, our facility helps you minimize costs and improve efficiency.

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3PL Services

We love to help companies and offer them a one-stop solution for their warehousing and inventory needs.

If you run an online business and are looking for a warehouse partner, we’re the right pick. We can assist you in the fulfillment of your orders, thus enabling you to focus on your core business.

Once your products are manufactured or sourced, they can be stored at our warehouses / fulfillment centers, from where we can deliver as per your request.